About the Centre

Images of Kinngait Studios where Cape Dorset artists currently operate from and create their incredible art.

The Centre

With an overall area of 10,440 square feet, and adhering to the high standards demanded by the rigors of the Canadian arctic, the facility will contain a number of functional areas.

  • A community hub and gathering space: The Centre will provide a dedicated 400 square-foot space specifically for the Elders and other community groups in Cape Dorset. This multi-functional meeting space will provide a quiet, comfortable space the Elders can use, but which can also be the site of small to medium-sized formal meetings.
  • Facilities to celebrate the art of the North: As a fully integrated cultural and artistic hub, the Centre will host lectures, workshops, and training sessions for artists and artisans from across the region. This space will also showcase historical and contemporary Inuit art, helping to inspire the next generation of artists and sculptors and to share the body of work with visitors from around the world.
  • A reliable, robust physical Infrastructure for Printmaking: The new Centre will feature a well-engineered physical plant with proper climate control, power, lighting, and working space to maintain the extraordinary standards of printmaking that are the hallmark of the Cape Dorset enterprise. This will include:
  • Specialized equipment that will bring a variety of technical processes related to lithography and printing together into one far more efficient physical space, including specialized ventilation that will control fumes emanating from the printmaking process
  • Critical infrastructure – vastly improved heating, ventilation, and humidity control, reliable electricity, and other elements that enable a reliable printmaking process
    • Generous studio space for artists to draw, paint, and sculpt, to share and teach techniques
    • Exterior Terrace and Sculpture Garden
    • Permanent Exhibition Room
    • Temporary Exhibition Room
    • Retail area and Visitor Centre
    • Shipping and Receiving facilities
  • Archival facilities for storage of a valuable collection of working prints and drawings (collected over the lifetime of the studio and serving as an invaluable reference to contemporary artists and printers), along with Co-op’s collection of stone carvings and artifacts.
  • Temporary exhibition room where exhibitions of current work produced in the studios will be displayed so that community members can enjoy access to its contemporary artistic production before it is sent South.
Exterior view, street level
Exterior view, from below
Exhibition rooms / Visitor Centre
Lithography Studio
Master Floor Plan