Partner Organizations

From arts and culture to economic development, from tourism to governance and stewardship, a number of important partners have brought unique and valuable knowledge and insight to the project and the campaign.

Some of the most critical partnerships and relationships have developed as the art and artists of Cape Dorset have evolved and grown. Chief among these are the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative/Dorset Fine Arts, LGuilde/Canadian Guild of Craft and the Inuit Art Foundation.

  • An integral part of the co-operative movement that started in the Eastern Arctic in the late 1950s and flourished in many communities in the Baffin region and Central Arctic, The West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative is owned and operated by the Inuit of Cape Dorset and is the organization that manages all aspects of the production and distribution of prints, sculptures, jewelry and other art from the community
  • La Guilde recognized the importance of the art of Cape Dorset in the early sixties as the first official catalogued collection of prints in was released in 1959, and released to the public with great fanfare in February 1960 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Over the long term, the Guild has been one of the most influential groups that have helped the Cape Dorset art gain recognition and exposure in Canada and around the world. Guild Chair Constance Pathy is a key member of the Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop campaign  fund raising team.
  • The Inuit Art Foundation has dedicated itself to the promotion of Inuit art and artists since its inception in 1985.  The Foundation is a national organization dedicated to supporting the visual and performing arts from across Inuit Nunangat. Campaign team members Jimmy Manning and Patricia Feheley are part of the Foundation’s volunteer leadership.

Other important partners include: